One Identity and Feminism

This is a very well written short article on “Feminism Lite”. My favorite quote:

Feminism Lite uses the language of “allowing.” Theresa May is the British prime minister, and here is how a progressive British newspaper described her husband: “Phillip May is known in politics as a man who has taken a back seat and allowed his wife, Theresa, to shine.”


Now let us reverse it. Theresa May has allowed her husband to shine. Does it make sense? If Phillip May were prime minister, perhaps we might hear that his wife had “supported” him from the background, that she was “behind” him or that she’d “stood by his side,” but we would never hear that she had “allowed to shine.

There is also a very good video embedded in the article on the danger of one identity. Much of the worst politics comes from this notion that we are “one thing”. We are “white” or “muslim” or “Shia”. No we aren’t. We are fathers and brothers and baseball players and stamp collectors and Patriot fans (ok, I am) and husbands and book club members and writers. We are many things. A good politics reminds us of this and allows it. Only being many things allows us to connect in many ways that human beings connect. Once we are defined as one thing — or we define another person as one thing — the chances of a human interaction disappear. Here is a mundane example. I love football. I could watch any game. I could also go into any bar or club in the U.S. no matter what the demographic of that bar and I could have a conversation with the guy sitting next to me about the game. For that moment we aren’t white, black, Hispanic, rich or poor — we just like football. Always resist politicians who try to convince us we are one thing.

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