Keep out the Irish!

“We should build a wall of brass around the country.”
– John Jay, first chief justice of Supreme Court, regarding “Catholic alien invaders,” 1750s

Thank God for the example of John Jay and others who have protected America for centuries. Without people like him we would have become less American and polluted with alien ideas and religions. He is not alone. Governor Gardner of Massachusetts was a visionary of note proposing, in 1854: (ok, the ban on alcohol is a bit extreme.)

  • “Americanizing America”
  • immigrants must wait until they lived in America for 21 years in order to vote (since voting age was 21)
  • Naturalize citizens could not hold public office.
  • Poor immigrants should be shipped back to Liverpool.
  • Suggested prohibition of sale of alcohol because immigrants were considered alcoholics.
  • English only

And of course the current administration has wisely taken this platform from the Know Nothing party:

“V. –A radical revision and modification of the laws regarding immigration and the settlement of immigrants. Offering to the honest immigrant, who, from love of liberty or hatrend of oppression, seeks an asylum in the U. States, a friendly reception and protection. But unqualifiedly condemning the transmission to our shores of felons and paupers. VI. –The essential modification of the Naturalization Laws. The repeal by the Legislatures of eh respective States of all State laws allowing foreigners not naturalized to vote…. VIII. —Resistance to the aggressive policy and corruption tendencies of the Roman Catholic Church in our country by the advancement to all political stations—executive, legislative, judicial, or diplomatic—of only those who do not hold civil allegiance, directly or indirectly, to any foreign power whether civil or ecclesiastically, and who are Americans by birth, education, and training, thus fulfilling the maxim, ‘AMERICANS ONLY SHALL GOVERN AMERICA.’…. 

I mean we can’t have citizens with allegiance to a foreign religion! In fact many wise men (they were all men) had the same observations then that many of our leaders have now. They were aware, even then, of the need to keep out the Bad Hombres

“We have for nearly a quarter of a century been receiving several thousand Irishmen annually among us. We have given them land — almost for nothing; employment at far better wages than they could have obtained at home; and political rights equal to those which are enjoyed by the sons of the best and noblest Americans. They have come to us steeped in ignorance and superstition; we have let them have their priests and their churches, and when fanatic Protestants have tried to disturb them, we have resisted it, and have successfully protected them in what we believe to be a mistaken course. They have so behaved themselves that nearly seventy-five per cent of our criminals and paupers are Irish; that fully seventy-five per cent of the crimes of violence committed among us are the work of Irishmen; that the system of universal suffrage in large cities has fallen into discredit through the incapacity of the Irish for self-government; yet we have never countenanced any invidious legislation against them, have never thought of depriving them of the political rights they abused, have never sought to protect ourselves against their misconduct.”
Harper’s Weekly — Oct. 20, 1860

Our best citizens then rightly recognized how alien the Irish culture was to America — almost as remote as the Chinese!

“Our Celtic fellow citizens are almost as remote from us in temperament and constitution as the Chinese.”
— George Templeton Strong, wealthy New York merchant, 1863 (from his diary) July 7, 1857

And of course they posed a serious threat, because of their religion is a severe threat to our Judeo-Christian culture (ok, then they just said “Christian”) . They knew then that we can’t have citizens who follow Sharia Law, oh, I mean the Pope.

“[T]he principles of the court of Rome [the Vatican] are totally irreconcilable with the gospel of Christ; liberty of conscience; the rights of man; and with the constitution and laws and of the United States of America … the influence of Romanism [Catholicism] is rapidly extending throughout this Republic, endangering the peace and freedom of our country.”
— Constitution of the American Society to Promote the Principles of the Protestant Reformation, 1840 (New York)

If it wasn’t for their foresight we might have a Catholic as a high level adviser to the President!

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