The President takes up a lot of space. He controls the news for good or ill and at times it is like the Congress has disappeared. But of course, they haven’t. In this Andrew Sullivan article he raises an interesting question that I am looking up now: “How many Republicans hold seats that were won by Hilary Clinton?”

I’m encouraged, too, by the polling. By any measure, it’s not good for Trump. Quinnipiac just put his approval at 38 percent. Gallup has him struggling in the very low 40s. The RCP average has him at 44–50. I don’t think that bizarre presser or subsequent rally last week did him any good, either — except for with his base, which still gives him the Full Hannity. They won’t budge, but if Trump slips toward the mid-30s, the congressional GOP may get colder feet — especially those in districts won by Hillary Clinton.

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