Chomsky and Trump

The title isn’t fair. I’m sure Mr Chomsky is no fan of president Trump. But it does remind us that political agreements and coalitions change over time. 

Best quote 

Trump’s willingness to see America as comparable to nations like Russia remains a minority position among Republicans. “There is no moral equivalence between that butcher and thug and KGB colonel and the United States of America, the country that Ronald Reagan used to call a shining city on a hill,” John McCain thundered in a speech on the Senate floor this month. “And to allege some kind of moral equivalence between the two is either terribly misinformed or incredibly biased.” McCain didn’t mention Trump, but coming just days after Trump’s O’Reilly interview, the speech was clearly meant as a rebuke.
Still, Trump is finding some rhetorical allies among Republicans, either because they share his foreign policy aims or because they want to ingratiate themselves to the president. This week, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley told reporters from his state, “Russian involvement in our elections out to be very seriously considered, just like the French politicians are very nervous about the Russian involvement in their elections. But I also said we don’t come to this table hands-free. I told you about the 1948 CIA involvement in the Italian elections where the communists were trying to take over the country and Russia was behind that and our CIA got involved to make sure. None of this stuff should be going on.”

That is a sitting senator denying the efficacy of what happened in 1948. See the full article here

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