Views of the Trump Presidency

Again, taking a larger picture of Trump, there seems to be two separate but related Axis on which people make their analysis. The first is what I call the “political to psychological” axis which is simply to what extent are the President’s decisions related to his political position and calculation and to what extent are they the result of his psychological make up. Both views have long histories of scholarship behind them. The most extreme psychological might be what Andrew Sullivan takes as potential mental health problems which can be read here
Another axis, which is related but less personal and more institutional is the question of intentionality v. competence — is he meaning to do what he is doing or is no one in charge at the White House?
However much you may like or dislike the President it is hard to deny that he has many fervent followers who believe whatever he says and that he is DOING exactly what he said he would do on the campaign trail. He may fail it it but it is also hard to see how that ends up hurting him. He can simply claim the establishment is against him and use failure to attempt to increase Presidential power.
Here is a good article that actually looks at 14 different views of the Trump presidency. Well worth and read and a follow up after the reading “What do you think?”

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